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March 2007



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Resume Tricks Can Backfire

A Monster-ous Invasion of Privacy?

If Your Group Needs a Speaker...

Resume Tricks Can Backfire

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About ten years ago, resume writers who knew a little HTML made an interesting discovery: In HTML, you could put key word meta tags in the backgrounds of web pages, and by making the words the same color as the background, you'd make them invisible to the human eye. Yet the search engines would still find the page. So why not do the same for resumes in Word, making white-on-white key words that resume screening software can find? Or by using text (key words) so small that a string of them looked like a plain line?

Way back then, I was an outplacement consultant and (here comes the self-disclosure!) yes, I plead guilty to actually recommending such ideas then. But it didn't take for me long to realize this was bad practice, because essentially it's not honest. And because technology keeps changing, so it would be only a matter of time before such things would be caught. So I stopped talking about these tricks to clients.

A recent Wall Street Journal article only confirms such "trickery" as a bad idea. Why? As the WSJ says, because employers consider it dishonest and sneaky. And they have upgraded the resume screening software to find such tricks, then delete or demote resumes that use them.

So if a key word is not associated with the text around it, that resume can get bounced to the bottom of the electronic pile. Or if there's a paragraph consisting soley of key words, visible or not, the screening software will give this resume a lower rank, because, as one of the article's sources said, "it's unprofessional".

So what do you do? Your career and industry key words must be used well within the context of your resume. If your gifts do not include writing, work with someone who is good at it. It could mean the difference between your resume getting read or not.

If you have access to the Wall Street Journal online (subscription only), see the whole article at "Why Sneaky Tactics May Not Help Resume", by Sarah Needleman on March 6th.

For more about resumes...

A Monster-ous Invasion of Privacy?

Another article caught our eye recently, on It is by Pam Dixon, the Executive Director of The World Privacy Forum, a non-profit, non-partisan research firm focusing on all aspects of privacy. The research causes the reader to wonder what happens to a resume you post on and similar services: what privacy rights do you really have once you've made public all your information?

This report is quite long and can be found in its entirety at For another, shorter World Privacy Forum article with tips about safely posting to resume databases, see click here.

The main advice: really read the site's Privacy Policy, and check off "confidential" if you do post your resume online. In our era of identity theft and other electronic crime, it pays to be careful.

If Your Group Needs a Speaker... to us.

One of Joanne Meehl's favorite activities is speaking to groups of professionals, graduate students, civic groups, business meetings, and other organizations. The attendees do not need to be in job search. Audiences tell her they enjoy her lively, interactive style.

Here are some favorite topics she addresses:

  • What's your value in today's and tomorrow's job market?
  • Avoiding layoffs by polishing up your VALUE gems
  • Why be miserable? Find the work you love
  • Doing a value-based job search
  • Three ways to a winning resume
  • Avoiding interview blunders
  • Today's job search isn't like your parents'

These can be customized for each group.

Joanne speaks next at WIND West in Westborough, tomorrow, Tuesday morning, March 20th. Her topic: Are You Doing a Value-Based Job Search? And she partners with business coach Kate Hyland Mercer on April 5th for Finding the Job That Fits You! at Holliston Adult Ed. If you'd like more details, contact her at

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Thought of the Day

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