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Three Reasons You Get Hired

September 2007



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Three Reasons You Get Hired

Quick Negotiating Tip


Three Reasons You Get Hired


There are only three reasons that employers today, in our age of outsourcing and offshoring, hire employees:

  • The person makes or saves MONEY, and/or
  • The person makes or saves TIME, and/or
  • The person SOLVES PROBLEMS.

Your number of years in your field, your GPA, something good that you did 15 years ago, and similar info about you doesn't count if you don't have one or more of the above to talk about. Consider the following examples:

Saves or makes money: A sales executive who's doing well will bring more revenue into her company. A grant writer will bring more funds into his non-profit. An accountant who's doing a good job will save a company or organization money because she's controlling costs.

Saves or makes time: An engineer who configures a product development process that shortens the time it takes to get a new product out the door, is saving time (which is really money, because of fewer sales lost to the competition, less overhead, etc.). A technical writer frees up the engineer to design more product instead of spending time writing documentation.

"Solves problems" includes the VP of Customer Relations who buys a product that enables his people to more readily multitask during down times. It includes the Executive Director of a non-profit who repairs relations with a host city when something goes wrong. It includes the QA Engineer who finds something wrong with the code and fixes it before it costs the company thousands or millions of dollars in fix-it time later.

Those kinds of successes are the ones that show your value. Having experience or competence isn't enough today. Show how value-able you are in all your communications with a prospective employer, and you're much closer to landing the choice job you want.

Do a value-based job search...

Quick Negotiating Tip

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Scenario: You and your possible new employer are negotiating and you're $3,000 apart. Once you agree on a figure, you're IN! So you say to yourself, "Hey, I want this job, what's $3,000 anyway? It's only about $8 a day if you divide it by 365, or $11-$12 a day if you divide it by the 260 days we typically work. No big deal, so I'll say 'yes'."

Not so fast! Why cheat yourself? Such thinking is what my colleague Peter Miller calls "backwards thinking", because you're going backwards (down) with the numbers. Instead, use forward thinking, which gets you to see how significant that $3,000 really is.

With $3,000 less, your next raise will be smaller. Your contributions to your 401K will be smaller, and if you want that next job within the company, your next job won't pay as much as it could because you're currently at a lower level salary.

In other words, you will be cheating yourself out of much more than $3,000, and it could be many more times that, over time.

So do your salary research ahead of time so that you know your worth. The company's negotiator won't throw you out of the room for trying, if you are a professional about it. You deserve that $3,000, and more.

Tip: Check salary info at,, and And ask others on LinkedIn who have the same title as you what they make.



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Marianne Williamson


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