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Using Recommendations on LinkedIn

November 2007



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Gather Ye Recommendations While Ye May

How John Landed His New Job

Joanne's New Book Now Available!

Gather Ye Recommendations While Ye May


Last week, a friend of mine who's terrific at selling real estate was asking me about LinkedIn and the advantages of being part of it. Like many people, she signed up "but never did anything with it." There are several advantages, especially for job seekers, but no matter who you are, having recommendations on your LinkedIn page shows that others endorse your work. They think highly of you. This is a major way of using LinkedIn.

So I recommended that my friend talk with customers who are pleased with her work, and ask them to write recommendations for her on LinkedIn. That way, if anyone searches LinkedIn for a good real estate broker, they'll find her. That scenario helped her understand how LinkedIn can help, even though she's not in job search.

But if you're in job search, know that employers look for LinkedIn recommendations. They say these recommendations are more spontaneous than traditional references' comments. How do they find yours? They search by using key words, which find you by your background or by recommendation; they then read your profile and recommendations, and decide whether or not to contact you via the network (yet another reason for adding your e-mail address to your name).

To do any of this, you do need to be on LinkedIn, as does the person writing your recommendation. Who would write recommendations for you? Start with your references, who are among your biggest cheerleaders. Then, colleagues of all kinds: peers, network contacts, managers, those who reported to you. Link up with them, and ask them if they'll recommend you. And you can offer to write one for them. Keep it short and real.

Take your LinkedIn membership beyond the "sign up" stage, and your career will really benefit.

How John Landed His New Job


John is a Senior Project Manager in the science arena, whose specialty is managing multimillion dollar projects and programs. He came to me about 9 months into his search. He was networking a lot, which was excellent, but still, nothing was clicking. Needless to say, he was dismayed.

During several meetings over the first few weeks, we zeroed in on what has made him successful in his career. I had him write down several of his success stories, then we analyzed them for the skills and attributes he would continue to find useful. Seeing more clearly what he had to offer a new employer boosted John's confidence and also helped him remember more examples of his abilities and his successes than before.

We also revamped his resume and other marketing materials. A key exercise for him was interview practice: what John realized was that he was calling attention to those few items in the job description that he didn't have, rather than to all the good value that he did have. We also honed his marketing skills while networking, getting the meetings he arranged to "count" for more than he'd expected.

Through a networking contact, John landed an interview at an Orlando company, and it went well every step of the way, including the salary negotiations. John received a great offer and began his job in October, and is able to work from his Massachusetts home, a real bonus.

John now says, "During my 11+ month search, I developed some new skills and strengths in networking, which will be very helpful in being a success in this job." Congratulations, John!

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Joanne's New Book Now Available!


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