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Between the Trapezes Keeping Up Your Motivation
March 2009


Welcome to Between the Trapezes! Often the changes in our lives feel precarious as we are in that space between two certainties. But taking that chance is what brings success.

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  • Keeping Up Your Motivation
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  • Keeping Up Your Motivation
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    Article summary:

    To refresh your job search motivation:
    1. Renew your confidence
    2. Use career research meetings (informational interviews)
    3. Don't go it alone
    4. Surround yourself with the right people
    5. Keep up your activity

    Now, the full article:

    To re-energize your motivation during a job search:

    1. Renew your confidence
    How do you do this?
    On your own, re-read your great performance reviews. Remind yourself of your areas of competence and your skill sets. Remember and write down your successes, in P-A-R format. With others, start by sitting down with the people who are your references -- they are your biggest cheerleaders! Refresh in their minds the accomplishments you had while working with them. Tap their network: "Who do you know who could use my skills?"

    2. Use career research meetings (informational interviews) to get inside information, expand your circle of contacts.

    3. Don't go it alone
    Networking group meetings give you perspective, camaraderie, ideas. Also: buddy groups (geographically- based mutual-support groups), and guerilla groups (group made up of several people in one career field).

    4. Surround yourself with the right people:
    Employed people, positive people, supportive people, people who tell you that you'll succeed.

    5. Keep up your activity, and use some tactical support systems
    - Use visuals: thermometer (like fund raisers use)
    - Visualization: picture success
    - Reward yourself for activity: a movie, food, plant, play, sports, shopping, alone time, a walk with a friend
    - Plan and follow through on activities during your job search time so that you enjoy your off time.

    Give these tips a try and you'll keep up your energy during this vital time.

    Client Landings!

    Congratulations, Jason, who landed a software job in Seattle. This is Jason's first major management position. He's moving there from the east coast, and is looking forward to enjoying his new city. Key to his search? His network, where he learned about the opening. Enjoy, Jason!

    And congratulations to Gerald, who is in the mortgage industry and YES, landed a job at another mortgage company. Here, too, networking was key. Best wishes, Gerald!

    Stuck, Stalled, or Confused in Your Job Search?
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    Job search not going anywhere fast? Find out what's right AND what's wrong during a Quick Consult with the Queen. This 1-2 hour session gives you concrete steps to follow for getting unstuck, for a fee of $175. And if you choose to work with Joanne on these steps, that fee is applicable to your search project.

    Free Tips

    Want some tips about career choice and job search from Joanne, without leaving your keyboard? Go to her home page, and scroll down to the media links. Joanne's been in the news recently and the clips (the longest is 6 minutes) have many tips you can use.

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