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Between the Trapezes What Questions
Do YOU Ask During an Interview?
June 2010


Welcome to Between the Trapezes! That space between two certainties can be unsettling. But taking the leap across is what brings career success. -- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

  • What Questions Do YOU Ask During an Interview?
  • For Those of You Who Have Landed That Great Job...
  • How Is That Working For You?

  • What Questions Do YOU Ask During an Interview?

    Some time ago, a hiring manager I know told me about several interviews he was conducting for a technical staff person. He expressed astonishment that one candidate in particular did not have a single question to ask him during the interview. "He seemed totally uninterested in us", this manager said. The candidate did not get a second interview -- no surprise.

    Having a question to ask the interviewer is not a sign of ignorance on your part, unless it's something that can be answered by their Web site, such as "What is your product?" Certainly, you should check the organization's Web site before sending a resume, and of course, before the interview. Asking good questions during the interview is a sign that you do your research and are curious about the company. Employers are like people: they like to be courted, they like to know you're interested in them. Today, it's critical to do this kind of research because your competition is certainly doing it.

    Web sites and Google searches are very helpful, but there are questions that a Web site or annual report cannot answer. Here are some examples:

    • What is your working relationship with your team members?
    • What are the goals of the department/division for this next quarter? the next six months?
    • What problems need solving immediately?
    • Where do you expect the person who fills this job to be achieving in one month, three months, six months?
    As the interviewer answers these questions, you will have more opportunity to mention your successes.

    The idea is not to grill the interviewer, which can backfire in that you sound like you're asking questions just for the sake of asking them. Instead, make it conversational.

    Questions like those above and others show you have a working mind and curiosity, a couple of assets that companies today want. And the answers to such questions tell you whether or not the place is a fit for you. So ask away.

    For Those of You Who Have Landed That Great Job...
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    How Is That Working For You?
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    Thought of the Day:

    Do one thing every day that scares you.

    -- Eleanor Roosevelt


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