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July 2011


Welcome to Between the Trapezes, showing you how you can make your way from one career certainty to the next!

- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

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  • Should You Use the New "Skills" Section on Your LinkedIn Page?
  • More Landings!
  • Ch-ch-ch changes...

  • Should You Use the New "Skills" Section on Your LinkedIn Page?
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    LinkedIn does this all the time: The good folks there roll out new features with no announcements or fanfare, but we all then discover them and use them. If LinkedIn has a section there, you're supposed to use it, right?


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    More Landings!
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    Several clients, and several members of Face2Face, have landed new jobs recently. A couple were already in jobs, but most were in full-time job hunt. And some negotiated for MORE salary, and got it. It CAN be done!

    The latest "cats coming down from the tree" are:
    - Susie K., Marketing/Branding
    - Michael J., Optics Technology
    - Gary R., Executive-Level Sales Mgt
    - Kathy E., Senior Sales and Marketing
    - Brian T., Product Management
    - Dale N., Director of Global Quality
    - Elaine B., Product Management
    - Pat P., Activities Director
    - Phil S., Mechanical Design
    as well as David W. and Beth J.

    Congratulations to all!

    Ch-ch-ch changes...
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    David Bowie enshrined "change" in a song that has many interpretations, though most say it's about changes that take place as a new generation comes to the fore.

    Well, in the same way, we've made many changes to the JMCS web site. Check out the NEW free downloads on various pages -- they're not in one place any more. And to use your mobile device to get there, just snap this QR code.


    Joanne Meehl

    Thought of the Day:

    Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.

    -- Arnold Bennett


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