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November 2012


Welcome to Between the Trapezes, showing you how you can make your way from one career certainty to the next!

- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

What's here:
  • Joanne on Applicant Tracking Systems - in Three Short Videos
  • Career Clinic, Monday, Nov 19, Byerly's in Minnetonka, MN: Your Holiday Job Search
  • Q&A: "Should I hide the fact that I'm a manager?"
  • There's A Guide for That!

  • Joanne on Applicant Tracking Systems - in Three Short Videos
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    - What are "Applicant Tracking Systems" (ATSs)?
    - Why do companies use them?
    - Why should you care about them?
    - Should you use PDFs or not?
    - Why is Taleo a company you should know about?
    - What about the layout?
    - Keywords: what are they, and what should you do about them?

    I answer these and other questions in three new, short (2-4 minute) videos on my new YouTube channel. You'll find them quick to watch, and very helpful. Take a look!

    Career Clinic, Monday, Nov 19, Byerly's in Minnetonka, MN: Your Holiday Job Search
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    By popular request, I'll discuss How To Do TODAY'S Holiday Season Job Search, this coming Monday, November 19th, from 1:30-3pm. This is a free event but you do need to pre-register.

    Please note the location: Byerly's Community Room, in their Minnetonka, Minnesota store. Networking, social media, dealing with cranky relatives and other related topics will be touched on during this session.

    This is a FREE event but we are strictly limited by the store's fire regulations to no more than 30 attendees so you MUST be pre-registered to attend.

    To pre-register, please email our Project Coordinator Nancy Kuebler at, with the subject line "Holiday Job Search", and your email content with your name. Only one registrant per email, please. Please do not call.

    To make the session even more fun, bring several copies of your favorite holiday recipe to share. I'll bring my famous apricot brandy recipe! (Yum!)

    This will fill fast, so don't wait! We hope to see you there!

    Q&A: "Should I hide the fact that I'm a manager?"
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    An IT professional asks: "Two of my most recent positions were management positions, although I'm not going for that now. I gave my resume to a friend to show her boss, because I'm a perfect fit for a job at her company. When he looked at my resume, he said 'She was a manager, we don't want a manager', and put me in his 'no' pile. Should I change my former titles or eliminate those positions altogether on my resume?"

    My response:

    You're a former manager who's now going for an individual contributor position. Naturally, there are those out there who will doubt you'll be happy "going backwards" in your career, as such a move is commonly viewed in our culture.

    Before I answer this, I have to ask: "Why do you not want to be manager level now?" Is it because you didn't like being a manager, doing such things as dealing with people and project issues? Did you learn that you prefer the tasks of your job over dealing with all that? Or did you outright fail as a manager so you don't want it now -- but maybe it was just at that one company so you would like another chance at it one day -- or never again?

    Your answer to that "Why?" question must be clear -- first, to yourself. If you have not sorted that out for yourself...[continue reading]

    There's A Guide for That!
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    I make available materials that will give you some coaching, right off the page, at the Ignite Your Job Search Store!
    Want to know how to create a target list of employers? There's now a guide for that. Are you a college senior looking for a road map to a great job when you graduate? There's a guide for that, too.
    All are at minimal prices, with a secure connection when you use a credit card to purchase.

    You can even get live coaching time with Joanne here -- at introductory rates that will more than pay you back when you use what you learn!

    And for the December holidays, you'll soon be able to get gift certificates that we'll personalize for your recipient.

    To get to the Ignite store, just snap the QR code here with your phone to get right there. Or use this link. And while you're at the site, see what else you can read that will help you (the blog, the Trapezes newsletter), or is free to download.
    See you there!

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    Joanne Meehl


    There are basically two types of people: People who accomplish things and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.

    -- Mark Twain


    Tip of the Month:
    If your pesky relative at Thanksgiving asks yet again, "Aren't you in a new job yet?", be nice and say, "As a matter of fact, I wanted to talk with you about that...who do you know at ABC Co., where I'd love to be?" Either he'll answer with a name, someone there you can talk with. Or he'll stop asking you the question, because he can't help and doesn't want to look useless. Either way, you win.


    One Meeting That Can Speed Up Your Search!!
    A Career Consult with the Queen is a 1-to-2-hour session with Joanne Meehl that helps the candidate get unstuck, unstalled, or unconfused -- or all three. You get feedback, possibilities, ideas, and a plan of action, as well as useful materials. It zeroes in on what's working in your search and on what needs fixing. In-person or via Skype, it's $175 and applicable to additional services if you want to do more work with Joanne. For more info, just contact Joanne at


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Learn about ATS systems via the new Job Search Queen YouTube channel!

    Thurs, Dec 6th: Face2Face Job Search Networking for Professionals

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