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December 2013


Welcome to Driving Your Career Starts NOW - The Newsletter, showing you how you can manage your career!

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- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen - Celebrating 10 years as a your career choice and job search coach

  • What do you say on LinkedIn about those jobs from the 80s and 90s?
  • Enjoy Your Holiday!

  • What do you say on LinkedIn about those jobs from the 80s and 90s?

    You've worked for over 20 years but you know that hiring managers and recruiters want to see "what you've done lately". On a resume, I usually suggest my client list the employer, city, and your title while there, that's all. This way, you get that great company on your resume even if you worked for them some time ago.

    But what do you do on LinkedIn, where unless you list the actual years that you worked at a company, they won't list the company on your profile?

    A client I'll call Carla had exactly that problem and we came up with a solution that worked, and could work for you. Essentially, we grouped the jobs, titles, and info together:

    - Where LinkedIn asks for your title, use one all-encompassing one, perhaps the one you had most of that time. In her case, Carla listed Electrical Engineer.
    - Where LinkedIn asks for the company or organization name, you can say, like she did, "Various Engineering Companies"
    - Where LinkedIn has the spot where you would list dates for that "job", list the dates that cover all the jobs you had then. Carla listed "June 1987 to September 1999".
    - Where LinkedIn has the area in which you would put achievements and other info about the position you held, start by listing the company names where you worked in that time span, as Carla did. Then add in a few general accomplishment areas such as, in Carla's case:
    - Product Engineering
    - Project Management

    The result: You have now identified the companies, title, and combined years of these old jobs, so that they are not lost, yet there is only so much info.

    Again, because it's so long ago, detail isn't needed here. But always be ready to discuss those roles if asked about them -- as well as your achievements then.

    Enjoy Your Holiday!

    It's a joyful time of year. I wish you and your families and friends laughter, good food, some quiet time, and appreciation of good things, for the happy holiday you celebrate!

    And know that in the new year, you'll take your next step in your career.

    When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. -- Tony Robbins


    Tip of the Month:
    A high level of activity is an antidote to the job search roller coaster. So be out there networking, applying, meeting people; don't turn your search on and off; and surround yourself with positive people.

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