May 2015


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No wonder they don't read cover letters any more

The following is a cover letter to an employer that appeared on an email discussion list when the writer clicked Reply All instead of Reply, to a friend with whom he was sharing the letter. He should have kept it to himself and not even to the person he really meant to send it to.... continued 


How to Love "Tell Us About Yourself"

"Tell us about yourself" is often the first question interviewers ask. What exactly do they want to know?  continued 


Joanne's article for new grads, on SkyWater Search Blog 

SkyWater Search is one of the largest executive recruiting firms in the Minneapolis area and voted one of the best companies in the region to work for. Joanne is a guest blogger on SkyWater's blog. See Joanne's blogs there, especially this one for college seniors and how you should format your resume! 


It's the Spring-and-it-has-hit-80-degrees Special!
After a long winter everywhere, it seems everything is blooming! So, in celebration, Joanne has made one of her favorite guides free at her store:
Download the Beware of the Word *Experience*  guide free only to newsletter recipients like you for a limited time. Learn why the word "experience" can get in your way. (You'll just have to give us your email address.)



  • Others can stop you temporarily - you are the only one who can do it permanently. 
- Zig Ziglar

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*Using Your Voice to Project Confidence and Presence* featuring Andrew Barrett, voice teacher, singer, conductor.
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Career Tip from Joanne: 
During an interview, you are evaluating the company as much as they are evaluating you. So ask them for samples of success, for how they decide on direction, for how they develop their people. You need to know. 

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