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We're in the sweet season of holidays. We honored our veterans on the 11th, we celebrate our gratitude this Thursday on Thanksgiving the 26th, there are reunions and homecomings, and the wonderful December holidays follow. Despite the world's problems, we must take time to celebrate the good things. So I wish you and your family and friends many happy moments!

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The Critical Last Question of the Interview 
There are many guides about interview questions and how the candidate should answer them. 
And other lists, of questions that a candidate should ask, such as:
- What keeps you [the interviewer] excited about the company?
- What's your top priority for the person who you choose for this position?
Those are good. 
But as the interview closes -- and this is true whether it's the first interview at a company or the second or third -- you should ask this vital question:
"Is there any reason or issue that we've discussed so far that would prevent me from going to the next step in your process?"
Then let them answer. 
Why ask this? First, you want to know where things stand in their minds. Why leave wondering? The second reason: it will "smoke out" any objections. For example, Bella, a client who recently asked this very question at the end of her first interview with a target company, was told, "We're not sure we'd have you back because it's not clear you have the level of people management experience we need." 
Now Bella can respond immediately to the real issue: her management successes. So she did: "That's a great point. Here's an example of how I successfully manage people now:...." She still may not land the job but she dealt with their doubts while right in the interview itself, which is a strong way to neutralize doubts on the spot instead of letting them brew and get bigger in the hiring manager's mind. 
Once you've addressed the issue, finish with, "Does that give you more reason to have me back?" 
You've increased your chances that they will say "Yes"!
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It's the holidays. Companies don't hire at this time of year, right?


Just because it's 
the holiday season doesn't mean your job search should take a holiday. Your competitors aren't taking time off. And hiring managers aren't either.

The most important reasons to keep your job search going during the holidays are: ... Continue here


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