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Tips on Using the Right Words to Land That Networking Meeting

Whether you're in job search or not, networking is key to your career. Who you know and help, will determine much about who helps you. Those of you who've been in your career track for a while and haven't done much networking can always step up your efforts -- it's never too late! It enriches your work AND your life. 

So be sure to NOT use phrases like "I just want to pick your brain". That reduces your meeting to a fact-finding mission when it's really about relationship-building. And it makes you sound like you lack expertise, when you don't -- so why be fake about it? 

So instead, being that you are a
peer to this fellow professional, use language like this: "I'm interested in your perspectives on what's happening in our part of business..." or "Maybe you saw the discussion on LinkedIn about what you and I do...I have some thoughts about that and would love to have a sounding board like you...". 

Your contact won't feel imposed upon; instead s/he will likely feel good that you value their thoughts and expertise. 

Give it a try and you'll find networking is way easier and more gratifying.

Having a Proven Strengths section on your resume

Read my recent article in the SkyWater Search blog, about having a Proven Strengths section in your resume. This means that behind each skill or attribute you list, is a success story proving you have this strength. Here are the details. 
Not getting the right response to your resume? This line-by-line, hour-long review option may be all you need.

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Career Tip from Joanne: 
Networking is a two-way street. When you have a networking meeting, go prepared to give something that the other person can use: an idea, an article, a link, a name, a thank-you for something they've done for you. By giving, you receive.

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