June 2016

Welcome to the June Driving Your Career Starts NOW/The Newsletter, showing you how you can direct your job search, manage your career, and even start out as a consultant.

Summer's here! June's the month for Father's Day, graduations and the first official day of summer. Outdoor volunteering opportunities abound this time of year -- think Habitat for Humanity. Reunions and family gatherings bring you all together again. 
In job search? Then be sure to carry some business cards when out at these events in case someone asks for one, or if you make a contact you'll talk to on Monday. And be sure to take a break from your search to enjoy the warm weather and getting together with friends and family! 

Taking that break will recharge your search. Want to know more about that? -- then keep reading. 

         - Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen -
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Why summer is good for your search!  

People often let up on their searches in the summer. Instead, we urge you to keep it going! With all the summer gatherings, it's actually a good time to be in search and continue your networking. Want 5 other reasons to keep going with your search during the summer? 

Then just download our new guide, Your Job Search in the Summer, here. It's free!

And while you're at the store, see what else is there that might be helpful for your search.

4 Ways to Recharge Your Job Search Motivation

Inertia: The lack of movement. An object sitting still. An object without movement. The tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line.
The enemy of a good job search -- a search that lands the job hunter a good job sooner -- is lack of movement, lack of activity. That might be due to lack of motivation or momentum, or "waiting to see what will happen next month", or "Let's see if I get that call" or ... continue reading here

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Want a career change?

In your field for 15+ years and now thinking of another industry? Is it possible to make a change at this point? 

What about "transferable" skills? How to address objections from people who don't think you have what it takes for their industry and know little about your current one?

That's what a recent LinkedIn Pulse post by Joanne is about. Check it out.

is just a big word 
thrown around 
by small men 
who find it easier 
to live in the world they've been given 
than to explore 
the power they have 
to change it. 
Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. 
Impossible is nothing.
-- Muhammed Ali

Eager to strike out on your own? 
Are you a knowledge expert in your field, and burning to be on your own, free of the confines of corporate life? But you aren't sure how to do it, how to gain clients, how to market yourself? This is a new service I'm offering. Contact Joanne for more. 

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