February 2017

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Our last words on the Super Bowl: As a New England Patriots fan, naturally I was happy with the final score. But even non-fans can appreciate how the team did not give in to the awfulness of being "so far behind". Instead, they put a plan in action and at the end of the 4th quarter, tied the game, forcing the first overtime ever in the Super Bowl -- where another Pats touchdown won it. 

It's actually the same with your career: there will be ups and downs but your attitude and plan will make the whole difference. You are worth doing the work you love!

         - Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen -
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Your LinkedIn headline: Is it working for you or against you?

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Yesterday I worked with a client I'll call Sarah who's in a Sales Management role. We changed her headline on LinkedIn -- that line of text right under her name -- from blah to dynamic. Here's her example: 

Before: Account Rep with ABC Company

After: Sales Account Manager | Sales Account Executive | Sales Manager | Regional Sales | Major Accounts | Technology Sales

It's longer, yes. But notice how many times we use the word SALES in that headline. And how many sales titles and terms are used. Her original headline didn't even use the word sales.

Why is this important? Because this is the most heavily weighted line on LinkedIn for keywords. When hiring managers and recruiters go searching for you, their tools zero in on keywords especially if they're in your headline. So anyone looking for Sarah would be searching that line for the word sales. Now, that word is there in abundance.

Other weak headlines are "Seeking next opportunity", or "Underemployed" (honest but not helpful!), "Intern".

When my clients use the keywords for their profession like Sarah did in their headline (and over and over again in their profiles), they immediately see an increase in clicks on their profiles. On LinkedIn, clicks beget additional clicks, and that means you show up higher in search results than others do.

Your LinkedIn profile, especially this section, is not a bio; instead it's a marketing tool. Use it as such and you'll see a difference.

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Yes, drop that AOL email address for business or job search

When I bring this up to boomer-aged job hunters, I get huge pushback. "I've had that email address for 18 years, I can't change it now!" is often what I hear. Sure, keep your AOL email address for friends and family.

But I'll tell you what recruiters think if you still have an AOL email: that you're someone who doesn't keep up. So unless you have a skill or talent they can't find anywhere else, your resume will not be a priority to them.

Instead of making your AOL.com email address from 1995 an issue for yourself in business or your job search, it's time to get yourself a grown-up Gmail address. It's 2017 -- it's time. (And if you really need another reason, Gmail has better spam filters.)

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through. 

Rosalyn Carter

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