January 2017

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This week a dear friend emailed me about her new book and how she's now finalizing the cover design. It will be on the shelves in February. Now there's an amazing way to start a new year! Last year she challenged herself to reach this goal, and she's done it.

Not everyone can write a book (or wants to). But each of us can reach a goal, from small to huge. See the articles below for methods and tips that may help you reach some of your own career goals. 

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ICYMI (In case you missed it), selected links from last year

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Are you a problem solver, and not a problem maker? In the interview, be sure to say so -- and prove it

The interviewer asks you, "Have you ever had to deal with two great people on your team who just didn't get along?"

Or, "Have you ever had an unexpected hit to your budget?" 

If you've gotten questions like this, the temptation is to say "Yes, I once had two strong performers who couldn't get along, I understand!" You answered the question, right?

That answer would not be enough today. 

Why? Without saying so, the interviewer also very much wants to know how you solved that problem. What result did you get that took care of it?

Interviewers are harried and preoccupied. Candidates need to connect the dots between ... [continue reading
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We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible. 

- Vince Lombardi

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