March 2017

Welcome to the March newsletter, now called Your Career Treasury, showing you how you can direct your job search, manage your career, and even start out as a consultant. With content you can use now.

Spring has appeared already in many places in the U.S.  Spring: a time for renewal, fresh starts, new directions. What about you -- are you still doing the work you want in your life?

Last week one of my clients landed his new job through networking with another job hunter who "pulled him aboard" after she landed her new job. This happens so often that it's evidence all by itself that networking is a key part of your work life. Read on for more about some of the HOWs of networking ... it's not a mystery at all.

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What you missed when you were so busy with your career
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Recently, two different new clients confided something in me that I'd heard many times before: "I was working so hard for so long, I missed the changes" -- the changes in their career field AND the changes in ways of doing job search. 

Silo Syndrome
When we're so focused on a busy job, we tend to dive so deeply into it that we don't see outside of it any more, like a silo, and get isolated. You focus on your work and on learning more. And in a year or two, or if you let it go longer, soon you don't know all the new things you need to know about job search -- because of being in your silo.

One way to catch up is to pick up your networking. One tip I give clients and others: When in a job, hold at least one networking lunch or coffee a month, reconnecting with people you once worked with, and others to. After just a few months, you'll be adding to your knowledge of what's going on. And you'll be meeting new people, thus expanding your network.

Don't be like the clients who tell me, "I wish I'd never stopped networking". Chip away at it like this, and you won't be stuck in the silo.

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Take a counteroffer: yes or no?

You've been looking for a new job for a while, and now have landed the right one. Or maybe you weren't looking but were recruited away.

And now your current employer suddenly wants you to stay and is luring you with a big raise or a new title, or both. 

Should you take it?

Most of us who work with people and their careers say Don't take the counteroffer. Turn it down and leave. Why? I'll cut to the chase: Why wouldn't your employer give you the raise back when you asked for it and/or earned it? 

But even more importantly, if you accept the counteroffer and stay, evidence overwhelmingly shows that your stay is a short one: management soon sees something you do (or don't do) that disappoints them, and they remember your "disloyalty". Your life at work suddenly gets very uncomfortable.

And you'll wish you'd taken that other company's offer to leave. 

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One more tip about LinkedIn: Repeat Your Keywords!

Often when I speak to groups about LinkedIn and talk about "writing down your keywords", people will say, "So, OK, I've written them down, what else should I add?"

I strongly urge people to repeat those keywords throughout their profile, again and again. So if Lean Six Sigma is one of your skills, it will be picked up by search strings and won't get missed.

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