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October was warm in much of the northern US, but the chill of November couldn't wait so it arrived just before the first of the month. We hope you had a fun Halloween and enough candy to take you all the way to those Christmas chocolates! 

Speaking of the holidays, if you're trying to get to your next career step, don't stop now -- November and December is prime networking time, and companies do last-minute hiring. 

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That Layoff Time of Year: Even a career coach's husband can get laid off

I feel numb, he said right after telling me, saying the words that are always hard to say: I've been laid off.
In fact, they cut the whole team.
I said Oh no!, then reached out and hugged him. He'd never been laid off before, having kept up on technology over the years, and landing new jobs through his network.
I also thought: But they'd just hired him 5 months ago. How could they cut this team they created specifically to cut costs and find and fix inefficiencies? Ah yes, those rumors about the company trimming down so they could be sold....
Now I was numb. For him, for us. I've been laid off (twice) years ago so I know the feeling. It has made me a better coach to those between jobs because I know that piercing sadness of where-do-I-belong-now and what-will-happen-now. Seldom in life does anything make you feel those things more intensely than this.

But we have bills like anyone else, and there's the question of benefits. What now?

Follow me on my blog where I will be writing about this family experience -- a layoff is always a family experience -- and how it goes. 

For now, here's a free guide -- click this red link and scroll down -- I update this from year to year because it's a classic: Always Be Ready for a Sudden Layoff.

I truly hope you never really need it.
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Three quick, small things you can do for big results on LinkedIn
LinkedIn logo
From Michael Quinn, Director of Workforce Development in Washington, DC, reminds LinkedIn uses that...

"Recruiters build candidate searches on LinkedIn Recruiter to find top top talent. Their searches include data points like current/past job, location, education, skills, veteran, etc. 
Candidates populate in the results based on how the algorithms determine they match all of the criteria - which is why it is important to fill out your profile and include key words.
What many people don't realize is that the search results are also grouped into the following categories:
More Likely to Respond: You appear here if you've done something on LinkedIn over the past 30 days
Open to Opportunities:  You appear here if you've clicked the button to say you are open to opportunities (located on the Jobs tab)
Engaged with Your Talent Brand:  You appear here if you "Follow" the company.
The candidates recruiters would engage first are the ones that hit all 3, right?

Thank you, Michael!
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- Vince Lombardi

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