February 2018

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What do you think of when you think of February? A lot of people think of Valentine's Day with its roses and chocolates. There's the Super Bowl (go Pats!), and this year, the Winter Olympics. My friends in Boston will be noting the 40th anniversary of the famed Blizzard of '78, when 36" of snow fell in 24 hours, and hundreds of cars were abandoned on highways around the city and many workers were stranded. 

Is this your month to initiate change? You can make it real. It takes focused and planned activity to make it happen. 

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De-Aging Your Resume: Start With 
De-Aging Your Attitude
I'm a Boomer so I have plenty of sympathy for baby boomers who are in job search, and are being overlooked because they're perceived as expensive, stuck, and working in old ways that aren't used any more.

So I am often asked by more senior candidates (and consultants), "How do I look younger on my resume?" 

I don't think that's the right question. I think the right question goes wider and deeper than that: it should be, "How do I adopt a more flexible attitude?"

While you can't change everyone's way of thinking -- and sometimes the most biased against boomers hiring managers are baby boomers themselves -- there are some things you do have control of. 
- Embrace new ways of doing things. A big example: social media. Snickering when someone tells you how they use Twitter or Instagram isn't showing a younger, more open attitude. But asking that person to tell you more and show you how to use it, is.
- Keep up your skills in your field. It's easy to get swept aside by the speed of change, easy to give up on learning ALL the new stuff. Take online courses, for example, in newer technologies and find ways of using them so you get... 


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Most people never pick up the phone and call [for help]. Most people never ask. And that's what separates, sometimes, the people that do things from the people that just dream about them.  
You gotta act and you  gotta be willing to fail.
- Steve Jobs

Your career is the treasury of your life.
         Joanne Meehl

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