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Your Career Treasury

"Your career is the treasury of your life" - Joanne Meehl

February is about love...just visit any store that sells greeting cards or candy right now, and you’ll know!
Do you love your job, your career? No job is perfect but we hope yours is a good one. Either way, examining your career is a good thing. Keep reading.

It’s almost a sweet 16 years I’ve been doing job search coaching, and I still love it!
Thank you, amazing clients!
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A Job Search Myth:
“It’s Not on the Internet So It Must Not Exist”
Don’t wait for ads to appear, instead, get NOMINATED for open
(and unadvertised!) roles
Job hunter, have you ever said:
  •  “I don’t see any ads, so they must not be hiring.”

  •  “I don’t see anything posted online from them, so there aren’t any openings.”

  •  “They don’t have anything open for me right now.”
So you think  every opening is posted on LinkedIn Jobs or 
Oh dear.
I can’t tell you how many otherwise intelligent candidates, even at senior levels, slip into that kind of thinking and say those things to me -- even though they know “the Internet” is not an absolute source for anything (except perhaps for a lot of wasted time!).
Year after year, the sources of successful hires, according to consultants who survey hundreds of companies annually, are shown to be:
Internal referrals, or nominations from valued employees – biggest proportion by far
To a much lesser extent, these other methods follow in order of use:
  • Internal recruiting programs: career days, internal job fairs
  •  Internet advertising on job boards
  • Social media (company’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, similar) – growing fast
  • External recruiters
Companies seek nominations, especially in labor markets when it’s tough to find good candidates. They reward current employees for this with bonuses and recognition. They ask their valued people, “Who are you connected to on LinkedIn who might be a fit for this role?”
To a lesser extent, companies depend on recruiter networks. Good recruiters ask each other, “Who do you know for this role?” because they are all talking with candidates all the time. And remember, recruiters fill jobs that aren’t vacant yet, doing so confidentially because the person currently in the job isn’t performing well.
And there you are, surfing job boards and thinking that because you don’t see a posting, it doesn’t exist. 
Instead, leave the computer behind.  Hang out face-to-face and eye-to-eye with the employed in your network.  Give out a bio or networking handbill instead of your resume when you talk with people. Ask to be introduced to people at companies where you want to be, because  you can solve their problems. This is how you get familiar to those closer to these unpublished, unannounced openings.

And how they’ll nominate  you .

Updated from Joanne's article on LinkedIn Pulse, 8.12.18

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This month’s Tip:
Have only ONE phone number on your resume
In an effort to be eminently reachable, people in job search often put multiple phone numbers on their resume or in online job application forms at company sites.

We don’t recommend this, based on what we’ve been told by recruiters and hiring managers. They will wonder, which one do I call? And they’ll call the one you’re not at, inevitably!

Plus, if you give a "home" number and they leave a message there, if you don’t retrieve that message until evening because you’ve been out all day -- many hours after they’ve called -- you’ll be seen as slow to respond.

Instead, give only one phone number -- your mobile number -- so you can answer it on the spot, or return the call ASAP. Things move fast in today’s job search so move fast with them.
Thought for the Month

You can't calm the storm so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.
- Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Bootcamp
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