Your Career Is The Treasury of Your Life - news! | June 2019
Your Career Treasury

"Your career is the treasury of your life" - Joanne Meehl

June means summer, and to many, summer means you can ignore your career for a few months, right?


Here's the #1 biggest reason that summer is GREAT for your career and your job search...

Lots of social events!

...Yes, attend as many events as possible, have business cards on you in case you're asked for one (or if the moment to offer one is appropriate), make the other person the focus of the conversation -- and your network will grow exponentially. Yes, even at BBQs.
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Avoid Creating A Career Emergency!
Don't be hobbled if you decide to leave your job
My colleagues and I talk about this all the time: the crisis-driven phone calls or emails we get, begging for help with a job search “because if I don’t leave this place NOW, I’ll go nuts” then, “But I have a lousy resume and LinkedIn profile!" And worse: "I'm seeing a ton of GREAT openings but without a great resume or good LinkedIn, I can't apply for them yet, ouch!”

THAT is what I call a career emergency.

How to stay prepared for any sudden career developments so that they don't turn into emergencies:

  • First, keep track of your career successes so you can add them into your resume and LinkedIn as they happen so that they're fresh

  • Next, stay in touch with your network: don't hide between job searches! Meet at least once a month with someone new in your network to talk shop -- at the end of a year, you will have met with a dozen people who've been updated on your work and goals (and you will have picked up on their thoughts and knowledge about what's going on in your field!)

  • Third: Keep up with the business press in your field, your metro area, your state so you are aware of trends and emerging industries, technologies that you might fit

So don't get caught short when the pain of wanting (or needing) to leave hits . A resume is a career tool, your LinkedIn profile is a career tool. Keep them fresh AND ready. Don't let them slide, age, go fallow, get stale just because right this minute you're not in a job search. 

You'll thank yourself.


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This month’s Tip:
Possible layoff coming? Take pictures!
Always be ready for a layoff

Among the several things I suggest people do to be prepared should cutbacks at work occur, is ahead of time, take photos of yourself on the job.

This may sound odd but later the photos will be useful in, for example, showing you leading a project planning meeting or presenting to company executives, on LinkedIn. Posting photos in social media during a job search shows you in context with the rest of your team or department, even if you’re no longer there.

With the emphasis on images, the saying “A picture is worth 1,000 words”, has never been truer.
Thought for the Month

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
- Coco Chanel, Fashion Design Guru
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