Between the Trapezes - On Job Search! | October 2021
Between the Trapezes

Help for when you’re between two career certainties

October 2021

Football, apples, pumpkin spice coffee, hot cider...yes, it’s fall!

A new season: Time to haul out the heavier jackets, the scarves, wool sweaters. Fall soccer, and bonfires -- we had them at the neighborhood beach on the lake where I grew up. Raking leaves (leaf blowers: too noisy), the scents of fall.

Are you a gardener who does what I do: I always try to keep those huge pots of brightly-colored flowers going as long into the fall as I can, by using tarps and positioning in the sun.

Eventually the cold sting of late October gets past the tarps and does them in.

And then it is time to start planning next year's garden. Stay warm as the days grow short!

Happy fall!
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How to Find That Next GREAT Company
Especially before everyone else does!

Ever wonder how smart people spot up-and-coming companies that are great to work for, companies getting all the buzz ? And how they land jobs there years before anyone else?

They do their research, and they tap their networks.

Here’s how YOU can do the same thing:

1.Research top business lists – Top 25 Biggest Private Companies or Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies, and see what companies are moving up in their respective list. Don’t get stuck with who’s #1, #2, #3 but instead focus on who’s moving up the list by leaps and bounds: Who was #30 last year in sales and #18 this year? Who was #17 two years ago in numbers of employees and #7 this year? THESE are the companies to research further. 

2.    Check out social media when you find a company you’re interested in. This means not only your research on LinkedIn, especially the company page on LinkedIn, but Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other sites. Don’t scoff at these because here’s where you’ll find industry analysts making comments about up-and-coming companies.

3.    Use good ol’ Google (or other favorite search engine) to research “new companies in financial services” – you never know what you’ll find.

4.    Contact recruiters to ask about companies you’re starting to hear about. Now recruiters (executive recruiters, headhunters) are busy people, so make it worth talking with you by contacting them on LinkedIn (fewer messages come to anyone there versus email), asking for feedback that way first: “What do you know about A, B, and C companies?” If they have not heard of the companies, you are tipping them off to possible recruiting needs the companies may have, a “scoop” for them.

5.    Check out the management team’s background
How have they been successful before, what is their track record? What kind of culture do they create, by establishing norms that guide behavior? How do they develop their people? What learning opportunities do they provide for their team? Where do they say they are they headed with the company? Research the individuals for clues to the reality of the company. Culture and atmosphere is set by the leadership team, no one else. 
6.    Research on LinkedIn, then network – the Search bar is your best friend in job search – once you have some company names, see who’s there. Almost everyone in business uses LinkedIn, so you’re likely to find possible contacts. Once you find those contacts, meet with them.

7.    Talk to people – yes, network – with people at well-established companies in your field to find out what competitors do they fear? What companies are behind them right now but catching up? 

8.    Business Lead Groups
These are groups whose members share business leads with non-competitors, all servicing the same company. So there might be commercial realtor, an office designer, computer network and office equipment supplier, phone system vendor, and so on. Ask them who’s new in town who’s been great to deal with and you’ll get some ideas of new companies to investigate. 

Majorly updated for 2021 from an earlier podcast/video of Joanne’s

Need help getting interviews,
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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

Avoid "I have knowledge of" or similar weak wording

Saying "I have knowledge of" something in your job field is not enough. "Knowledge of" a certain skill is only the beginning.

What an employer is looking for is not only that knowledge but successes in using it.

So cite accomplishments in using your skills. Many years of experience? Then you have lots to choose from.

Even new grads can point to successes in internships or in volunteering.

So focus on performance, not "promise", and give examples of your real successes.

Thought of the Month

Don’t spend time beating on a wall,
hoping to transform it into a door.

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