Between the Trapezes - On Job Search! | May 2023
Help for when you’re between two career certainties

May 2023

Celebrating 20 years as a career coach took up a lot of April, and it was such fun to talk with several of you!

Corporate confusion:
Many companies are "anticipating" a turndown in the economy so to keep their expenses low, they are laying off people by the thousand while things are still good.

And they're imitating one another in doing so, adding up to MANY thousands of people being laid off.

Which is not only tough on those now out of a job. But now these folks will spend less, do less, and with enough numbers laid off, this will CAUSE a recession.

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies! Whoever in these companies is making such decisions based on "what MIGHT happen", while other parts of the economy are booming, will -- if enough companies do this -- will cause the very recession that would not have happened had they not laid so many people off.

End of speech.
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Your Email Signature = Your Business Card

Because we do so much online, our email signatures have "become" our online business cards. Samples below.

Several tips:
There’s no need to “tag” your email address as “email” or your phone number as “phone” or “mobile” because today people assume that. Use only one phone number, your mobile so that all calls and messages are funneled to you in real time and thus you can respond faster. You also don’t need the “www” in your LinkedIn URL; again, that’s assumed today. You may still want to tag your other social media contact info if that platform not as well-known.

Some of the samples below have a tagline, that line of marketing-speak that is under their name. While it’s not required, it does give you stronger focus when compared to other candidates.

Important: When using InMail on LinkedIn, copy your email signature in at the end of the message. LinkedIn won't do this for you, you have to do it. It's very professional to do so, plus now the other person has your contact info.


Peter Renner
Business Operations Manager
Keeping the Process Moving Forward

David G. Holley
Technology CEO | COO | President | VP/GM
Creating Revenue by Focusing on Customers
Instagram: @DavidGHolley

Karen Jensen
Chemical Engineer | Process System Engineer | Control Engineer 
(469) 432-4321
Mary Perkins
Marketing Director * Marketing Manager * Creative and Operations
Creating the Pipeline for Sales

Your email signature is one of your best tools. It's classy, and recipients will have all they need to contact you.
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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

"Do I need a business card?"

Speaking of business cards...whether you're in job search or not, many people are more comfortable introducing themselves if they have a business card. It's just what's been done forever in US business.

So sure, get them printed but know that not everyone will take them. What?!

Exactly. There are those with a business card app on their phones who'll take the image from the front (and back, if you have material there) of your business card so your data is immediately in their contact database. Then they'll hand your card back to you after they've scanned it.

So don't be offended if that's what they do. Whether or not you use such an app, if you want a business card to use, do so. For guidance, use the examples in the article above. And get them printed on heavyweight stock, don't do them on your home printer, for a quality feel.
Thought of the Month

Every breakdown is an opportunity for a breakthrough.

—Diamond Jameson, Author

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