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NOW AVAILABLE: Career Choice and Job Search Guides
Joanne Meehl now makes her cutting edge yet practical coaching available to you via these short and info-rich guides. Easy to read, they'll be immediately useful your job search. They’re bundled so that you get a few together that can immediately help you!

Check this page often for new items, or follow Joanne on Twitter -- @JobSearchQueen1 -- to get updates on new offerings.

Time for you with Joanne

Expertise You Can Download

3 GuidesPDF Download3 Guides
Prep for Your Search - Bundle (PDF Download)More Info
Fee: $24.97
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  • Developing A List of Target Companies
    Who to go after for your next employer
  • Discovering A Company's Culture
    Do you fit them, do they fit you?
  • Getting Updated With Area Biz
    What's happening in your local business scene
3 GuidesPDF Download3 Guides
Working With Recruiters Bundle (PDF Download)More Info
Fee: $21.97
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  • Advice Straight From Recruiters
    Take advice from the experts themselves
  • Recruiters Aren't Doing Anything For Me
    They don't work for the candidate, but they can still help you
  • Free Bonus: 10 Warning Signs That A Recruiter Is Not Right for You, from
3 GuidesPDF Download3 Guides
Resumes Bundle (PDF Download)More Info
Fee: $31.97
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  • 21 Surprising Resume Basics That People Get Wrong - And How to Fix Them
    A gold mine of tips on today's resume format
  • Don't Do the White On White (Or other) Tricks
    You don't want your resume to get rejected, do you?
  • The Death of the Resume Objective
    Don't use 'em. Use a Summary instead.
4 GuidesPDF Download4 Guides
How to Do Smart NetworkingMore Info
Fee: $27.77
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  • The Numbers Support Networking
    How one successful candidate tracked the numbers of his search to show how networking worked
  • 3 Reasons Why Saying "Keep Me in Mind" Doesn't Work
    People need something much more concrete from you
  • Networking Case Study: Rita
    How someone networked her way into a new job
  • Free Bonus Guide: If You Bring Your Resume, It's Not A Networking Meeting
    Bringing your resume changes the nature of the meeting
3 GuidesPDF Download3 Guides
How to Do Smart Networking - Bundle 2More Info
Fee: $25.97
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  • Network First, Not When Your Back’s Against the Wall​
    Don’t put off networking but instead, do it first
  • Don’t Let Your Network Forget You
    Tips on developing a system that keeps you in touch with your contacts
  • Free bonus guide: 5 Ways to Stay on Your Network’s Mind,
    from her SkyWater Search blog entry
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Be Prepared for a Layoff (PDF Download)More Info
Fee: $0.00

Any time of year can be 'layoff season'.  What should every serious career-minded person do to be prepared should this happen to you?