Dont Wait For Back To School Before You Start Your Search

by: Joanne Meehl

In the US, the September event called "back to school" is embedded in our culture. Schools open in late August through early September, around Labor Day, and colleges start classes at about the same time. The September-through-June "year" is part of our nature.

Unfortunately, too many job hunters wait for Labor Day to start their search, ignoring the advantages of job search in the summer. Those advantages? They mostly have to do with being with people:? Reunions, weddings, retirement parties, family gatherings, concerts, sports and sports events. All are opportunities to network.

But there's also hiring going on. It's perilous to suspend your search or cut back on job search time when hiring is up. Oh, it's not sizzling, but it's been on the upswing all year and it doesn't stop just because it's summer. Employers want people comfortably in their new positions before Labor Day. Just about all my clients are interviewing and have projected start dates between now and September.

So instead of waiting to do your search until September, do it now -- in June, July and August, be sure to?schedule networking meetings, attend events, stay on track. Think of how great it will feel to be in your new job before "back to school"!


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