Even Your Best Friends Won't Tell You

by: Joanne Meehl

Even your best friends won't tell you -- that they don't quite understand what you do. Oh sure, they know you're a Product Manager, or a Financial Specialist, or Director of Engineering, but do they really KNOW what you do? They'd never admit not knowing.

I'm reminded of that episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry is dating a woman named Dolores but cannot remember her name. He does everything he can to find out -- except to ask her -- because they've been dating too long for him to NOT know so it's too awkward. And he gets caught.

Are your some of your best friends (and even family) doing the same thing? Could this be why they aren't really helping you with your search, other than to be vaguely encouraging?

If they don't know what you really do, and what you do well, and who you need to connect with so that you can get to the next step in your career, then how can they help you?

They probably know your dreams and hopes. Now's the time to get more concrete and more detailed. So show them your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and tell them your career success stories. Tell them who -- by title and function -- you'd like to talk with so you can make great connections at your target companies.

So as you network, don't overlook the very people who are closest to you. They're your biggest cheerleaders! Help them help you.


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