How to Use Twitter to Stay "Career-Fresh"

by: Joanne Meehl

Whether you are IN a good job or are between jobs, Twitter can challenge you to stay up with what's going on in your field. I call it staying "career-fresh".

What does this mean? In order to post quality tweets, you obviously have to say something tweet-worthy. Meaning, something that's worth reading by others in your field. Original thinking and observations are best; nothing is gained by posting a "me too" comment.

So, you'll need to observe what's going on in your career field and tell readers about it, especially if others have not addressed the topic in quite the same way. Keep up with your professional colleagues/network, with journals, with printed and online articles, with interviews of leaders, and with issues in your field, so that you can tweet reactions to those.

All of this real-time consciousness about your field challenges you to keep yourself fresh. And today, employers WANT people who are committed to their work. Using Twitter is one way of showing this commitment AND this fresh knowledge.

Then be consistent with your tweets, posting at least once per week. This is advice I give my clients, especially those in job search, and those clients add their Twitter ID to their business cards. All of this gives you brand status: you become known as a reliable source of knowledge in your field. Posting just once every month is not enough and looks feeble. But posting too often can work against you: If you're in a job, posting every 5 minutes means you are using way too much of your employer's time for this, and if you're in job search, it comes across as not doing anything else.

Don't forget to use LinkedIn's partnership with Twitter and thus its ability to show your tweets. Cross-posting further enhances your brand.

Whether or not you're in a job right now, being "out there" with your knowledge keeps you up with what's going on, it strengthens your brand, and it solidifies your reputation within your field. Stay career-fresh: use Twitter.


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