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Complete career search program for:

Managers, Department Managers, Division Managers, Regional Managers, Directors, VPs, SVPs, and individual contributors on your way there


Program includes:

Discovery of your Value Success Factors©: In these career evaluation sessions you will discover the value you bring to this next position and how you will “pay your own salary”. Through this session you will not only discover your value, you will learn to accurately and concisely articulate it to Hiring Managers, recruiters and networking contacts.

How to market yourself: In these sessions we will create your personalized career search strategy. Develop your resume: "You on paper", your mission statement in a way, not merely a document. Learn the power of LinkedIn, your silent salesperson that helps hiring managers find you, and helps you engage with your network and “mine” it. You will also learn how to do Elegant Networking© without pushing yourself or your resume on people.

Holding yourself accountable: being productive and staying motivated: Here we will practice: Practice the kind of interviewing that's more like a collaborative meeting instead of an inquisition. And with YOU in more control than you thought you could be. We will practice answering awkward interview questions like, "Why are you leaving your current job?" or "What have you been doing since being laid off?" and finding the right and fitting words to use -- for you. We will practice how you’ll coach your inner circle in the ways they can support you and keep you motivated. In addition, we will cover overcoming biases, being remembered, handling offers, and salary negotiation.

Deliverables: See the full picture

Individual Services:

  • Resume, Resume for ATS Systems: “You on paper”
  • LinkedIn: Be an employer or client magnet!
  • Branding statement: What you want, who you are
  • Counseling: What’s your goal?
  • Cover emails, business cards, power letters
  • Developing the support of family and your inner circle
  • Genuine answers to awkward questions
  • Handling offers and salary negotiating
  • Interview prep and interviewing practice: Videos of you that teach you what’s working and what to immediately change to ace each interview
  • New to the area, or moving? Learn how to move your career there, too
  • Stoking your motivation during your campaign
  • Making sure that new job “stick”: those all-important first 21 days
  • Answering awkward questions about gaps, job changes, and so on
  • Overcoming biases
  • Referral Networking: Why I recommend this and NOT “informational interviews”, along with doing your Networking handbill: Grab their attention and make networking fun (really!)
  • Tapping the so-called “hidden job market”
  • Using social media in your search: Facebook, Twitter, others
  • How to work with recruiters, with key people who are networking gurus
  • Value-Based© Search Campaign: Convincing the hiring manager it’s YOU they want
  • Keeping up your job search productivity, accountability
  • Your personalized career strategy


  • You get serious responses to your candidacy (95% of all clients report an immediate increase in booking interviews, for example).
  • You feel more in control of this thing called "job search". You finally have a sense of being highly competitive in today's marketplace. You feel caught up with what's going on, and you feel in the flow, instead of having no clue or wasting time guessing.
  • You know "and are confident in" what you have to offer, and this energizes you and employers SEE that confidence and energy!
  • If you've followed the process, you get that next job sooner, increasing your confidence and your income!



Services are via web-based video (Zoom, Skype, etc.), over the phone, singly or in groups, or via webinar.



Fees are by the project. They are not by the hour, this way you don't have to worry about the clock ticking and you get everything you need from your work with me. These are quoted on a custom basis.

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