Parents: Give Your New Grad Space and Time to Land a Great Job

To all parents who want their new grad to land a professional job, using that expensive degree: Your new grad needs to have time for job search. Like 25-hours-or-more-a-week time for job search.

So although you like to see them busy and maybe earning some spending money by having them help you with your renovation jobs around the house, or by sending them on errands for you, you're doing them NO favors by keeping them out of an effective job search, which should come first.

If they graduated in May 2013, then time's a tickin': the longer they take to get a job in their field after they graduate, the more it looks like something's wrong with them. Meaning, company recruiters start thinking, "Why is this person still not in a good job?" or "What's taking them so long -- can't they get hired?"

That then leads the potential employer to wonder why they should be interested in a candidate no one else seems to want.

So encourage your new grad to have a new first job -- the job of LOOKING for a good job. It won't be a paying job. But the more aggressively they look now, the sooner they'll land that paying job that fits their brand-new career.


Contact Joanne if your new grad needs a plan for a smart job search.


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